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by Sami

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Raising Uncommon Kids Media & Press

12 Days of Uncommon Kids

You’ve heard me talking about and excited for the release of my new book for awhile now, but what about everyone else? Read, watch & listen to what the media has to say about Raising Uncommon Kids:

1/4/16: Talk of the Town – TV {Nashville}

1/18/16: Family Friendly Morning Show with Doug & Jaci Velasquez – Radio {National}
Access the interview page HERE

1/19/16: Insight – TV {Alberta, Canada}
Watch Video HERE

1/25/16: 100 Huntley Street – TV {Ontario, Canada}

Watch HERE

1/28/16: One2One Network Author Interview

2/10/16: Debbie Chavez Show – Radio
Listen HERE


Lady & the Blog: A Must Read Book
“…If you are looking for some perspective, you found it…”

* 5 Minutes for Mom
When my blogging friend Sami Cone asked me to review her upcoming book, Raising Uncommon Kids, of course I said yes.

But I didn’t expect to truly LOVE it so much. I will sincerely be reading this book over and over. It’s that type of book… where you want to reread it often so that you remember the messages and actionable ideas.”

* Mom Generations: “Must Read”

Sami’s passion lead her to write this outstanding book from her heart and from her soul…Every page is filled with biblical wisdom AND practical advice, so much needed today as we’re all trying to raise our children the best way we possibly can. Bravo, Sami!

* Oh Amanda: We Got to Pray Just to Make It Today”

I dog-eared this book all up and feel like it is a perfect small group or year-long-pray-through-these-ideas kinda book.

* Resourceful Mommy

The premise of the book is that the best way to raise our children is to model the adults we want them to grow into. When you think about it, it’s a pretty freeing concept. No more tips and tricks to follow. And the bonus is that it gives us as parents an excuse to focus on ourselves….Reading about Sami’s own journey and witnessing her willingness to be open and vulnerable with her readers assures me that she’s poured her heart and soul into Raising Uncommon Kids.”

* Kim E. Wells

I am always excited to read books with practical parenting tips and this one, by Sami Cone, didn’t disappoint…the actual content in this book is pure gold. If you are looking for a very practical book on how to help your kids develop Christ-like characteristics that will equip them for real life, this is a wonderful resource!

* Paradise Praises

This book is full of Biblical advice, stories from another parent who isn’t perfect, and ideas on how to parent so that your child can be the best they can be. It is an enjoyable book that while easy to read, makes you think and pray about the changes you need to make as a family. I enjoyed that the author is very open. She opens her heart and ideas, but ultimately it is up to you to decide the changes that need to be made in your family.

Guest Posts I Wrote Around the Web:

* Kids Activities Blog: “5 Practical Steps to Raising Uncommon Kids”

* Mothers of Daughters: “Raising Uncommon Kids”

* What’s in the Bible: “An Uncommon Christmas: Raising Uncommon Kids”

* Tricia Goyer’s Blog: “3 Ways to Raise an Uncommon Kid”

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