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Savvy Blogging Summit Flash Mob Video


When my friend Jennie came to me with the idea of doing a Flash Mob for this year’s Savvy Blogging Summit and asked me to choreograph it, of course I said yes!

Being my first Flash Mob I choreographed, I truly had no idea of all that went into coordinating it. Not only did we have to choreograph the moves, we had to recruit participants, keep them informed, choreograph in waves, assign people to waves, cut the music, tape the dance, upload the videos to a private Facebook group, figure out wardrobe, coordinate practices the day before and then actually pull off the real thing!

Thank the LORD I had Jennie to pretty much do ALL of the above. I also owe a big thanks to Todd for taking my pitiful music mix and turning it into an amazing compilation of Cobra Starship, Janet Jackson & of course, the YouTube sensation, PSY!

Luckily Mitchell filmed most of it so you too can enjoy the goodness for yourself. If you’re looking for me, I’m the sparkly one just to the left of center 😉

Now that I have one flash mob under my belt, I may have to tour the conference circuit choreographing more flash mobs 😉