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Starbucks Treat Receipt & Free WiFi

Sbux-bannerDon’t forget to take advantage of the  Starbucks Treat Receipt this summer.

Just purchase any Starbucks beverage in the morning before 2pm and bring the same receipt to any participating Starbucks after 2pm to get any Iced Grande Beverage for only $2 + tax. This includes their new Frappucinos. (and I’ve heard the new Iced VIA is amazing too).

You know we’re a split household: my husband works for Starbucks and loves coffee and I can’t stand it. But I do love a good chai and those yummy Vivanno’s (which are only 280 calories and made with real fruit, it’s a guilt-free pleasure even your kids will love.)

If you’re looking for a good deal there, you can also get an Iced Grande Coffee for only $1.95 and you can add syrup for free. Couple that with Free WiFi for everyone and you can’t beat the value!