Stores with the BEST Return Policy (& What to Buy at Each!)

by Sami

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You could spend your money anywhere, but why not shop at stores that guarantee their products, genuinely want to see you happy, and don’t turn their nose up at you when you try to return something?

Stores with best return policy

I don’t approve of anyone abusing a return policy. That being said, here are my favorite stores to shop from because I know I won’t waste my time or money:

What to buy: shoes, activewear, upscale beauty

Nordstrom is one of the original stores known for their incredible return policy. While it has become a little more strict over the years, they still put a high value on making the customer happy.

I especially love buying activewear, shoes, and higher-end beauty products here because these are the things that take longer to “test” and I know they will accept them back or exchange them if I’m not happy

Get ready to shop their anniversary sale in July for best prices!

What to Buy: Everyday beauty items, skincare, and haircare

For your everyday beauty, skincare and haircare needs, Ulta has a 60-day return policy and they just ask that the product is still at about 80% when you return it, but they encourage you to test things out at home.

Trader Joe’s
What to Buy: Groceries & Specialty Foods

As if we couldn’t love Trader Joe’s anymore! They not only encourage you to try something (they’ll even open up a package in the store if you ask), you don’t even need to bring the receipt back for a return.

This is especially great because they’re always coming out with new products and you can try them risk-free

What to Buy: Furniture and Electronics

You can get anything at Costco these days, from food to Squishmallows. But I especially like buying furniture and electronics from Costco because I know (for the most part), they will accept items back beyond most stores if there’s an issue and they genuinely work with you to resolve it.

The North Face
What to Buy: Backpacks

North Face offers 60-day returns if you’re a member of their (free) rewards program: XPLR pass. Plus, you’ll get 10% off when you sign up.

Another benefit of buying a backpack from The North Face is the limited liftetime warranty on all their branded products. If something breaks that’s covered, they’ll fix it or replace it (with a gift card).

What to Buy: Vitamins & health products

Vitacost not only always offers great sales, you can request a refund or replacement within 60 days. They also sell healthy foods and essentials oils too.

Amazon Prime
What to Buy: everything else!

One of the main reasons I signed up for Amazon Prime is their free shipping and returns! If you need something quickly or want to be able to try multiple things at home, Prime is a great choice.

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