Free Lilly Pulitzer Gift with Purchase (The Extensive & Chronological List!)

by Sami

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I’ve created an exclusive Lilly Pulitzer gift with purchase guide. This extensive and chronological list is meant to help you know when to maximize your Lilly shopping.

I’m also hoping that tracking the Lilly Pulitzer free gifts will help us better anticipate when to expect them throughout the year.

Lilly Pulitzer Gift with Purchase 2023

So far, it seems we can expect free Lilly gifts about every two weeks. The gift with purchase events typically happen on the weekends (from a Friday to Sunday). Sometimes they start with a $150 spend, but usually it’s more around the $300 mark.

Keep coming back because I update this list continuously.

Lilly Pulitzer Free Gift List

After tracking the Lilly Pulitzer free gifts for some time now, I’ve noticed a few things:

  1. We typically see Lilly Pulitzer gifts with purchase about twice a month
  2. The free Lilly gifts usually last for a few days and often happen over a weekend
  3. If you don’t like anything enough to purchase to ‘earn’ the free gift, keep an eye out during the big annual Lilly Sale because I have found the GWPs for sale at that time.

July 2024

July 11-16: Starfish Cuff

This is a pretty one! Get a sparkling starfish cuff with your purchase of $200 or more. This Lilly GWP is valid through July 16, 2024.

Sparkling Starfish Cuff

Free with $200+ purchase

June 2024

Have double the fun this summer with a Lilly Pulitzer reversible sun hat. Get yours with a $150 purchase June 6-8, 2024.

Free Reversible Sun Hat with $150 purchase

May 2024

Celebrate 65 years of Lilly creating sunshine with new free gifts perfect for summer. And just in time for Mother’s Day too!

May 9 – 13: Printed Pillow, Beach Blanket, or Tote

  • $200: Printed Pillow
  • $400: beach blanket
  • $600: tote

April 2024

April 11-14: Racket cover, sport pouch or driver cover

Lilly lovers will receive a driver cover, racket cover, or Lilly sport pouch with their $200 spend. This deal is good both in Lilly Pulitzer stores and online.

January 2024

January 19-24: Printed Pouch

For every $150 you spend, get your choice of one of two different Lilly Pulitzer printed pouches. There is a limit of two per transaction. Choose from the Gold or red detailing.

December 2023

December 8-10: Stackable Jewelry

Even though you can still get the train case, a new Lilly Pulitzer freebie popped up this month! Get your choice of 1 of 3 necklace and earring sets.

1 of 3 sets of stackable jewelry with $125 spend

December 1-24: Hard Shell Train Case or Hanging Garment Bag

I can’t believe Lilly is offering free gifts all this month leading up to Christmas. Believe me, these are gifts you’re going to want for yourself as well.

It’s a higher threshold than normal, but you can get both gifts.

Spend $500 and choose either a Hard Shell Train Case or Hanging Garment Bag. If you spend $1000, you can get both gifts! There is a two gift limit per transaction.

November 2023

November 3-10: Earrings, Clutch & Tote

Lilly is kicking off the holiday season with not one, but THREE free gift options! They are:

  • $150 spend: Earrings
  • $300 spend: Oversized clutch
  • $550 spend: Tote

October 2023

The free gifts aren’t happening as often this fall, but I’m excited to share this one in a new print:

October 20-27: Neoprene Pouch

I don’t recall ever seeing a neoprene pouch from Lilly (just plastic). This comes in their new print “Orchid You Not”. Get yours free when you spend $150 or more.

September 2023

September 18-19: Masterpiece Print Silk Scarf

This is an interesting free gift. The picture is deceiving.

The free gift is the scarf ONLY, not the beautiful bag on which it is tied.

Also, this is a super short one, only lasting two days (on a Monday & Tuesday, no less). I know we just finished the Sunshine Sale, but I’m not sure how I feel about this one.

August 2023

August 24-26: Pen, Sketchbook & Tote

There are 3 levels for free Lilly gifts with purchase to close out the month:

$75 Spend: Tombow Brush Pen Set
$200 Spend: Sketchbook & Pencil Case
$500 Spend: Art Tote

August 3-5: Woven Earrings & Bamboo Handle Bag

Two different Lilly Pulitzer free gifts just popped up for the end of summer:

  • Get these beautiful blue woven earrings with your $100 spend
  • The Bamboo Handle Bag will be yours with just a $250 spend

Will you choose the earrings or the purse?

July 2023

July 21-23: Pink Crossbody

With your $300 purchase, get this adorable pink crossbody for free. It looks like a cross between a purse and a belt bag in Lilly Pulitzer’s signature pink. I’m here for it!

Lilly Pulitzer free pink crossbody gift July 2023

The first free Lilly Pulitzer gifts of July are pretty darn cute. Honestly, we rarely see a free Lilly backpack with only a $300 purchase, so this isn’t a bad deal.

July 6-8: Water Bottle & Backpack

Get a printed water bottle with your $150 purchase. When you spend $300, you’ll receive both the water bottle and a sport backpack. Both are in the Beleaf in Yourself Print.

June 2023

June 21-23: Keychain & Purse

Get a printed key fob with your $100 spend.
With a $200 spend, get a free Crossbody Straw Clutch.

June 9-11: Free Sun Hat or Pareo

Get a free sun hat or pareo with your $150 purchase. (Limit 2 per purchase).

May 2023

May 24-30 – Free Printed Pouch

Get a free clear printed pouch with EVERY $100 you spend! (Limit of 3 per purchase)

The 3 prints include: Sound the Sirens, Havana Pink, or Seek and Sea.

May 4-7, 2023

Lilly introduced 3 different gifts with purchase to get you ready for a summer in Lilly:

  • Cosmetic Case (with $200 spend)
  • Overnight Bag (with $600 spend)
  • Carry-On Suitcase (with $1500 spend)

April 2023

April 21-23

Get this colorful tote in time for Mother’s Day! It could make the perfect gift for mom, or buy something for her and keep the tote for yourself 🙂

March 31 – April 2

Complete your Lilly Pulitzer look with sparkling spring accessories that can be yours free with a $200 spend.

Free Lilly Sparkling Spring Accessories

March 31 – April 2, 2023

March 2023

Typically Lilly Pulitzer gifts with purchase last for a weekend. But at the end of March 2023, Lilly offered a free weekender bag with any $800+ purchase between March 15-31, 2023.

Free Weekender Bag with $800 purchase

March 15-31, 2023

March 25-26

I love when Lilly lets you get multiple gifts with purchase at a smaller spend level. The weekend of March 25-26, 2023, shoppers can choose a playful printed gift with every $200 they spend. Unfortunately, there is a limit of 2 per purchase.

Free Lilly Trinket Dish or Bunny Plush with $200 purchase.

March 25-26, 2023

March 18-19

I hate that I missed this one. On St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2023, Lilly offered two different clutches. You could choose a colorful clutch with every $250 spend (limit 2 per purchase).

Free Colorful Clutch with every $250 spend.

March 18-19, 2023

For the first time during the 2022 Lilly Sunshine Sale, I saw them offer previous GWPs for sale. I scooped up the Party Like a Lobstar insulated beach tote and zip-top wallet I missed earlier in the year.

Speaking of Lilly Pulitzer gifts, have you joined Club Lilly yet? I wrote an entire blog post explaining the benefits of Lilly Pulitzer’s new loyalty program if you want the 411.


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