Summer Kids Activites & Schedule Tips Series starts

by Sami

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summer-kids-activities-scheduleI’m so excited to start a new summer series! Each week in June, you’ll be hearing from different friends of mine (who also happen to be talented bloggers and wonderful homeschool moms!) on their suggestions for summer kids activities and schedule tips.

This was my first year having two kids in school (at least part of the week) and as the school year draws to an end, I’m realizing our daily schedule needs to take a dramatic overhaul. So I turned to these talented ladies for their tips on how to continue to encourage our kids’ learning over the summer while still embracing fun times with them.

This week, I’m pleased to introduce you to the delightful and talented Meghan Tucker. I’m also happy to say that not only are we friends online, but she’s a fellow Nashville girl! I know you’ll enjoy and benefit from her guest post today:

It’s summer! Many of you are excited to have your kids home from school while others might be dreading it. We homeschool so my children are home everyday but in the summer, we do some special things and take some exciting outings.

First, I’d love to stress the importance of schedules. Maybe not as scheduled as you would be during the school year, but children crave order just like the rest of us do. Why do some think it needs to stop in the summer? If anything, having a set schedule of things you do each day or certain times of the day are dedicated to certain activities will keep you {and your family!} much happier.

An example summer schedule might look something like:

Sunday: Church day {let one child pick where you eat for lunch each week. Let children rotate turns if you have multiple children}
Monday: Library day {take your kids to the library to check out books, videos, magazines, etc. Take part of what your library has to offer. Ask for their summer activity schedule and attend as many story times or activities as you can}
Tuesday: Park day {take your kids to a different park each week and have a picnic lunch}
Wednesday: Museum day {visit different types of museums throughout the summer, in and around your area}
Thursday: Water day {this can include sprinklers, pools, hoses, or fountains}
Friday: Craft day {make a different craft each week!}
Saturday: Family day {do something special as a family each week}

When using a summer schedule like the one above, your kids know what to expect and can share what they’re excited about for the upcoming week.

Also, create different chores for your kids in the summer than what they normally have during the school year. Switch things up a bit.

40 FUN Things To Do With Your Kids In The Summer:
1. Make hopscotch games and play along with your kids
2. Make & blow bubbles
3. Go camping
4. Take a trip to the beach or lake
5. Walk to Dairy Queen or McDonalds for an ice cream cone or milkshake.
6. Make homemade popsicles.
7. Make a weather chart for the month – then graph the results
9. Make cards and care packages for soldiers
10. Visit a nursing home and take cookies
11. Take cookies or a dessert to firemen/policemen
12. Make a summer scrapbook
13. Nature walks
14. Go to different farmers markets
16. Stay up late, pop popcorn, and watch movies
17. Make homemade ice cream
18. Make a fort in the living room and let the kids sleep there
19. Camp in your backyard in a tent
20. Have a staycation {be a tourist in your own town!}
21. Let the kids make dinner
22. Go to a drive in theater
23. Start to geocach as a family.
24. Go canoeing
25. Go to a strawberry or blueberry farm and pick!
26. Do face painting on each other
27. Have an ice cream sundae bar
28. Fly a kite
29. Watch airplanes take off near the airport
30. Visit a farm
31. Wash the car by hand
32. Go to an amusement park near you
33. Use sidewalk chalk
34. Have a yard sale
35. Catch lighting bugs at night and put them in a jar. Turn off the lights and watch them light up the room.
36. Build a tree house or fort
37. Set up a lemonade stand
38. Learn a new sport or hobby as a family
39. Have Christmas in July
40. Make a collage from magazines
41. Build a sandcastle
42. Create your own board game
43. Make a bird feeder
44. Tie-dye some t-shirts
45. Go without TV for a day
47. Roast marshmallows
38. Pick fresh flowers for someone
39. Re-decorate a room
40. Have a cookout with a bonfire
Meghan lives in Tennessee and describes herself as: a Christian, homeschooling mom of two, photography lover, southerner, blogger, encourager, and prayer warrior. She loves sweet tea, her Nikon, cooking, and traveling. You can find Meghan blogging at
The Tuckers Take Tennessee, Twitter, and Facebook. She is also the co-founder of Hip Homeschool Moms.
Do you have some summer tips or activities you’d like to share? Please leave a comment or link up to your blog post below!

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Mama MOE June 5, 2011 - 8:52 pm

Love this!
I will be printing this list for my children this summer.
Although they may not be able to do all of the list yet since they are small, it sparked some ideas for their age group and now I’m excited for a scheduled week!
Thank you!
Mama MOE

By Word of Mouth Musings June 1, 2011 - 5:44 pm

What a fabulous list!
We tend to still do a fair amount of school in the Summer since we travel a great deal in Spring and Fall, but I love the idea of having a real schedule of off time. It would really work for my younger child to be able to see when she gets to ‘escape’ 😉

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