Disney Cruise Kids Dining Options: Recreating Healthy Fun at Home!

by Sami

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One thing that has always intrigued me about the Disney brand are their dining option…especially when it comes to kids dining.

So when I learned that we were going to get to be a part of a Disney Cruise, the first thing I wanted to learn more about was how they come up with their kids meals, how they keep them healthy while still making them fun, and how I could recreate that healthy fun at home!

Once on board, I got to hear first hand how the Disney Cruise Line does exactly that. Not only did the chefs at Lumiere’s lay out an amazing array of their kids’ dining offerings, but I got to hear from someone who has quite a bit of expereince when it comes to Disney Cruise kids cuisine: Marcy Galloway, the Disney Cruise Line specialist for the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

Just take a look at all the different types of Disney Cruise dining options (and pay special attention to the end of the video to see whether or not kids really will eat what they serve…)

So what were the biggest takeaways for us when it comes to making healthy food fun at home?

Recreating Healthy Fun at Home with Disney Cruise Kids Dining:

1. Always encourage kids to try new things at every meal, just keep portions small and make sure there’s something else you know they’ll like on the same plate


2. Keep food separated. Most kids don’t like their food to touch and it makes the plate more attractive to have distinct portions.


3. Create fun shapes with kids’ food. While I’m not a proponent for over-indulging kids when it comes to mealtime by cutting of crusts and making things look like flowers, I will say that sometimes using a little creativity when it comes to presentation will get kids to try foods they normally wouldn’t, like fish & unique vegetables.


4. Keep your kids’ plate balanced. Make sure every plate consists of a good protein, some veggies/fruit and a small complex carb.

Of course, having fun plates, Mickey shaped pasta and great activity sheets to keep the kids busy while they waited on dinner didn’t hurt either 😉

What question would you ask a Disney Chef about feeding your kids and getting them to try new things?

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