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My Online Weight Loss Journal: An Update

I’m back with an update on my online weight loss journal; did you think I’d forgotten?

No, but somehow between traveling, getting ready for both of my kids to start school for the first time, and my ministry job, finding time to update this blog and step on the scale has somehow fallen by the wayside (yes, it’s true, I value my family and SLEEP over baring my soul to you!)

That being said, I did want to give you a quick update as I try to catch up in this machine called life.

I literally haven’t stepped on a scale (or my Wii) all month. Actually, I lie. I did have to get on a scale at my doctor’s office (which is infinitely scarier than stepping on the Wii and hearing it say “ooooooo” every time, like I’m crushing it’s bones!) The good news – despite my crazy schedule, I hadn’t gained any of the weight back. Praise God for small miracles.

Well, for those of you who keep up with this little journey of mine, you’ll recall the whole reason I embarked upon it is because of seeing some less than flattering pictures of me during our family vacation in May. We were in the happiest place on earth, and all I could focus on was my less than stellar physique.

So, I’d like to offer you a contrast.

Our family in May

and a drumroll please….

The Cone Family in August

My husband has lost 4 pant sizes in 2 months! (or 8 if you don’t go by the even number pant sizes men use). Just by changing how we eat, we’ve used this summer to truly learn what it means to get healthy.

If you’ve been hanging in there online (and on video through our healthy pantry series!), I’d love to hear from you. How have you been doing on your health journey this summer?

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  1. You guys look great!!! So excited for you!