My Health Journey Day 12: Half birthday & take out

by Sami

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12-half-birthday-take-outI know it’s only day 12 of my health journey with Blue Sky MD, but it seems that the half-way point of each week it the toughest.

For example, yesterday was my half birthday: for those of you that think I’m crazy, hear me out. As a kid with a summer birthday, I always used my ‘half birthday’ in school as the day to celebrate, bring in cupcakes, get my locker decorated, etc. We’ve continued the tradition with our kids for one, because our daughter has a summer birthday and two, it ends up being a fun night for the celebrating kid because they get to choose whatever they want for dinner that night.

As I was leaving the YMCA after a good workout and on my way to get some eggs for dinner, my husband called and said the kids wanted to have pizza to celebrate my half birthday. Thinking that was going to be more of a celebration for them than for me since I couldn’t enjoy pizza just yet, they came up with another option. Just next to Publix is a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese take out place (you know, the kind with a counter and a couple tables to eat at) we found shortly after moving to Nashville and have been eating at about once a month ever since. It’s the one place where they know us and start cooking our order before we even get in the door and sit down.

The kids always ask to go there (they LOVE any kind of Asian food) and since I’d just received coupons for it that day, my husband and I reluctantly agreed, thinking we’d share our typical steamed chicken and veggies with garlic sauce on the side.

Of course, what we didn’t anticipate was just how fast our friend was and before we could say that we were going to change our order up a bit, she was already cooking our usual crab rangoon (fried wontons with cheese) and potstickers as an appetizer. As they sat steaming in front of us, I wish I could say I had the will power to resist, but in fact I did not. I ended up having one of each – much better than my normal amount – but still not exactly keeping to this week’s nutritional guidelines.

I wouldn’t say I totally derailed myself; in fact, this is all about making the best choices possible while we live our real lives, right?

It has been interesting though that I was able to closely control everything I was eating last week while this week I’ve already had to eat out twice, eat at someone else’s house once, and host a Tupperware party with yummy goodies! If I somehow thought I was going to get to live in a bubble while doing this journey, that dream bubble has popped!

All that to say, I’ve realized I can’t hide out and eat every meal in my house…especially in my line of work! But what I can do is better plan out where and what I’m going to eat before I get there.

For instance, Blue Coast Burrito (which has the most delicious chicken tortilla soup I’ve ever had) has a completely customizable nutritional calculator on their website that gives you specific facts down to the exact salsa you choose! <Attention other restaurants – please follow suit!>

So off I go to try to get back on track today. I almost feel like I need a mid-week appointment with my friends and nutritional counselors at Blue Sky MD to encourage me during this re-occurring half-way slump. In fact, I think I’ll suggest just that…


As a reminder, Blue Sky MD has agreed to waive my fee for the program in exchange for me documenting my journey online (like my own little reality show!). I am not getting compensated financially in any way and (obviously) these opinions are all my own.


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