Talk of the Town Tips for RePurposing Everyday Items

by Sami

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Watch the Talk of the Town video from the show: Multi-Use Household Items

Are you joining me for the first time after seeing my segment on RePurposing Everyday Items on Talk of the Town today? 

Don’t worry if you missed any of the tips. I’ve got all the details for you right here!

talk-of-the-town-house-itemsIn an economy where everyone is trying to stretch their dollars, the easiest way is to find new uses for things you already have lying around your house!

If you start looking differently at your common household objects, you just might be surprised to find how else you can not only use, re-use and repair items you might have otherwise think you’d have to toss!

Some you may have heard from your grandma and some may be new to you. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Baking Soda
-make a paste for shampoo to help psoriasis and remove build up (and scrub the shower while you’re in there!)
-carpet freshener
-stain remover

Baby Powder
-dry shampoo

Dryer Sheet
-Remove Static from hair
-freshener for drawers

Earing (stud) or paper clip as eyeglass screw

Eraser as earing back

Hair Spray
-to set make up

Hosiery to dust

Lint roller to clean lampshades

Nail polish (clear)
-stop runs in hose
-act as glue in a pinch

(Empty) Paper Towel Roll
– plastic bag keeper

Pill case (got for free at Sam’s Club) as traveling jewelry box

Purse as car organizer

-clean a computer keyboard

Straightening Iron
-press your clothes in a quick fix

-eyeglass protector
-necklace keeper while traveling
-prevent condensation on water bottle

(Empty) Toilet Paper roll
-cord keeper

Wristband as coffee sleeve

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