The Daily Dash: December 12, 2017 {#TheLastJedi #MovieReview} #StarWarsTheLastJedi

by brenna

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Full circle entertainment, but not full circle answers…
The Daily Dash: December 12, 2017 {#TheLastJedi #MovieReview} #StarWarsTheLastJedi

* Voters head to polls today for Senate vote
* Attempted suicide bomber at Port Authority during rush hour in NYC done “in the name of ISIS”
* Four women speak out together, accusing Trump of sexual misconduct
* Hanukkah begins

Never believe that the so-called ‘random’ events of life are anything less than God’s appointed order ~ Oswald Chambers

My son and I were offered two tickets to see a sneak peak of Star Wars “The Last Jedi” last night and it did not disappoint (other than the fact that I left the theater with more questions than answers). There are so many things that I want to tell you, but of course, I don’t want to spoil the movie for everyone planning to see it this weekend (and it is worth going to see!).

Yes, I cried when I saw Carrie Fisher on screen for the first time, but then I was laughing not long after. Her real-life daughter sported her iconic Leia-buns throughout the film and there were a host of other new characters that added to the plot. (I will say, my favorite may be the new creatures they added who eventually befriend Chewy in the most delightful way).

I’m glad no-one was sitting next to me because I kept flailing my arms and grasping the seat next to me in disbelief. Listen up for a new definition of “The Force” and some great one-liners between Rei and Luke Skywalker. Perhaps my favorite line in the movie came from one of the new characters, Rose, when she said,
“That’s how we’re going to win: not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love.”

In terms of family-friendliness, if you took your kids to see the last Star Wars movie, you should be good to take them to this one; there was nothing overtly inappropriate or even overly gory (other than some intense lightsaber battles, but who am I kidding, you already knew that was coming).

All in all, it was 152 minutes of entertainment that kept me and my son talking and debating the entire ride home. I’m already aching to go back to see if I can discern more of the clues and links to the other movies and yes, try to anticipate what’s to come in the final chapter…but I guess we’ll all have to wait another two years for that!

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The Daily Dash: December 12, 2017 {#TheLastJedi #MovieReview} #StarWarsTheLastJedi

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