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VeggieTales Promo Code for Spring Toys

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I found a new VeggieTales Promo Code for toys just in time for Spring!

I wouldn’t call them spring toys, per se, but it will save you 25% off on all VeggieTales toys this spring. Plus, if you spend $30 or more, you’ll get free shipping 😉

We got Kariss the Princess Petunia castle play set for Christmas and it has been a big hit with both our kids… in fact, it’s been fun to watch the adventures they create with the characters outside the castle too 😉

VeggieTales Promo Code Details

Where to Shop: VeggieTales
Discount Code: SPRING12
Savings: 25% off toys (plus free shipping on orders over $30)
When to use: by April 20, 2012