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What's to Eat: 10/19

Here we are again, on the road, but still planning what to eat for the week. I kept it pretty simple this week, but hopefully it will inspire you to plan ahead while trying to work a few new things into your family’s menu!

MondayFruit & Yogurt Smoothie Turkey Dogs & grapes Shrimp & rice
TuesdayOatmeal with raisins & honey Fruit Salad, Hummus on Pita Bread Burgers & oven fries
WednesdayFresh juice and yogurt PB&J with carrots Rotisserie Chicken  w/green beans & mashed potatoes
ThursdayCereal   Ham & Cheese sandwiches Baked Pasta with Mixed Greens
FridayFruit Oatmeal Soup & crackers Rustic Meat & Bean Pot
SaturdayWaffles & Berries Pita Pizzas Dinner out after church
SundayEgg Burrito Leftovers Taco Night