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Win the “Why Do We Call it Christmas?” DVD: Giveaway Day 2


It’s Day 2 of my 12 Days of Giveaways!
Today you can win the DVD:Why Do We Call It Christmasfrom my friends at What’s in the Bible?

Do you know what’s in the Bible?

After you see any episode of this clever series, you won’t be able to get this question from their theme song out of your head!

To be completely honest, I just discovered the “What’s in the Bible” DVD series (created by VeggieTales co-creator Phil Vischer) when I was moderating the National Bible Bee competition last month. But nothing could compare me for the hilarity and transference of knowledge that would ensue…

I know this isn’t what I should focus on, but these DVD’s have THE funniest menu sequence I have ever seen.

Yes, you heard me right. The menu.

Instead of hearing my kids asking me to push play, I had Buck Denver himself, the puppet news anchor himself, questioning why I wasn’t “pushing the button”. He went on to say, “20 years ago, you’d have to go to college for like, 4 years to get this much information…now you just have to push a button…go ahead – push it – knowledge awaits!” Honestly, I was in stitches – and this was before the movie even started. (And I know this post isn’t about the rest of the DVD’s, but each DVD has an equally unique and humorous beginning 🙂

Once my kids got sick of my listening to the menu silliness, they quickly became enthralled with every aspect of “Why Do We Call It Christmas?” Between learning about the origins of Christmas, Santa Claus, Hanukkah and more, they were entertained by witty characters and catchy songs. Honestly, I learned more in this one DVD about Biblical history than I did in some of my college courses!

If I had any complaint, it’s that sometimes the kids were so wrapped up in talking about the DVD characters themselves, they would miss a point being taught in the film. But really, is that a bad thing? After all, it’s not that hard to rewind a DVD (do you even still use ‘rewind’ when talking about DVD’s? I am dating myself!)

So here’s the deal. I’m giving away a copy of Why Do We Call It Christmas, but do you really want to risk not getting this in time before your family Christmas celebration?

Ok, so why don’t you go ahead and order a copy for yourself and then if you win, you can just give that one as a gift? 😉 Today (Thursday) is the last day to order the Christmas bundle with the standard shipping & processing fee ($9.95) and have it arrive by Christmas.

Win or lose, everyone can take advantage of the Free Christmas Resources for families at their brand new Why Do We Call It Christmas? site.  This site includes free coloring pages, Christmas cards, ornaments, singalongs, Christmas Trivia and more.

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  1. What’s in the Bible is my kids favorite series! Even I as an adult have learned alot watching them with my kids 🙂

  2. “Why Do We Call it Christmas” DVD from What’s in the Bible sounds like something I would enjoy along with our granddaughter, Lola. I would love to win it!

  3. I have been reading about Phil Vischer’s new stuff, but haven’t seen it yet. Would love to win it!!