Winkflash Flat Rate Book Sale

by Sami

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It’s my favorite time of year: the Winkflash Flat Rate Book Sale!

These sales come up about every 3 months and that’s about how many of the Cone Family pictures I can fit in one book! This sale is so great because for what you would normally pay for a 20 page book, you can get up to 100 pages! You also get to choose your own page templates, backgrounds and fill in your own text, all for less than $20. Some of the templates let you put 9 photos per page, so you can really  pack a lot of pictures into one book if you need to.

You can also emboss the cover or get a window cover where one of your own photos will show through. I also love the fact that once it’s made online, it’s stored there forever; so God forbid anything ever happen to my books.

Ok, enough of a plug. No, this is not a sponsored post. No, there is no affiliate link; I’m just a Winkflash photo book junkie. The sale is good through May 4, 2010 and you need to use code BOOKSALE04.

If you want any more of my advice or personal experiences with making a book, just post a comment below and I’ll respond ASAP!

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