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Wisdom ~ 12 Days of Uncommon Kids {Day 6}

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Day 6: Wisdom

Raising Uncommon Kids Wisdom

Chapter TitleThrough the Eyes of a Child

Prayer FocusSchool

Relational wisdom does not equal worldly wisdom; this is proven every day when kids are categorized as either “book smart” or “street smart.” But what about “heart smart”?

Imparting wisdom upon our children, especially when it comes to how to deal with friends in and out of school, has less to do with the type of school they’re in; it has everything to do with reminding them to trust the heart of who they are, reflect that to their friends, and know who to turn to when that trust is broken.

Mentor Mom Moment: In Chapter 6, I called on the wisdom of FamilyLife co-founder, Barbara Rainey, who shared a story we called “Know Your Values”. In the book, she shares the following: “Ultimately you and your husband have to ask yourselves one question, ‘What is our value system?’ By contemplating over the answer, you’ll come to understand what you are truly looking for, for your children.”

Tweet: When we see things through the eyes of a child, we see things as God truly intends them to be. ~ @TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Make it Practical: One suggestion I have from this chapter to make it practical at home is Meet, Don’t Preach: become cognizant of meting your kids’ needs in a situation before preaching to them. Listen before speaking.

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