30 Meals for $30

by Sami

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30 meals for $30

Didn’t think it was possible to make 30 meals for $30? What about 30 meals for under $30? Well I’ve done it!

And if you watched my TV segment on Talk of the Town, you’ve already seen it done…

That’s right, I’m talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks per day for 6 days (not to mention the leftovers…)

So here’s your plan:

30 Meals for $30

    BREAKFAST                        SNACK                        LUNCH                        SNACK                            DINNER

Mon        Smoothie                    Applesauce              PB & banana roll up           Carrots & PB                   Chicken & Rice

Tues         Cereal             Sugar-Free Oatmeal cookies      Fried Rice                Cucumber Rounds         Spaghetti with garlic & olive oil

Wed        Oatmeal                   PB Crispy Rice balls     Black Beans & Rice          Celery & PB                Chicken Noodle Soup & Crackers

Thur       Smoothie                  PB & Crackers                Mac & Cheese           Sugar-Free Oatmeal cookies                  Chopped Salad

 Fri          Cereal                        Pineapple                        Soup & Salad                  Applesauce                 Black Bean Chicken Chimichangas

Sat          Oatmeal                   Hard Boiled Eggs       Black Bean Quesadillas        Smoothie pops               Sweet & Savory Crepes

Watch the full TV segment on 30 meals for $30 from Talk of the Town:
NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather I did 99% of my shopping at ALDI because they have such great prices everyday and I wanted to prove that you don’t have to be able to coupon to drastically cut back on your weekly grocery bill! Here’s the breakdown:

30 Meals for $30 Shopping List

Whole fryer chicken (.89/lb = 4.45)

bananas = .44/lb
lettuce = .99
carrots = .99
cucumber = .25
bagged salad = .49
Frozen berry mix = 2.29
canned pineapple = .89
applesauce = 1.29
garlic = .99
rice = 1.59
egg noodles = 1.29
spaghetti = .89
oatmeal = 2.29
rice cereal = 1.89
tortillas = 1.29
saltines = .99
black beans (canned -2 ) = 1.18
peanut butter = 1.89
block cheddar cheese = 1.79
Mac & Cheese = .39
milk = 2.89
OJ = 1.79
eggs = 1.79
Keep in mind, some of these items, like the rice & oatmeal, will last long beyond this meal plan. Also, I played with adding a roast in for $3.99 ad taking out items like the saltines & applesauce, which would still keep you at that $30 mark and add more protein in to your week.
Are you up for the $30 for 30 challenge??

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