Bear With ~ 12 Days of Uncommon Kids {Day 4}

by Sami

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12 Days of uncommon kids day 1 love

Day 4: Bear With

bear with raising uncommon kids

Chapter TitleThe Secret of Sibling Love

Prayer FocusChild to Child/Siblings

Parents believe if they could just get their children to love each other, every other relationship will fall into place. If nothing else, one thing is true of our children: deep within each of their hearts is the cry not only to be loved, but to love in return. There is simply so much at war around kids today pulling them from doing what God designed them to do.

The key already lies within kids’ hearts, but it’s up to parents to coach them to tap into that goodness within and share it with their siblings in ways that speak to each child individually.

Mentor Mom Moment: Another wonderful mentor of mine (who also happens to be an author & psychotherapist), Catherine Hickem, contributes a story in this chapter we called “Face to Face” detailing the importance of having your kids work on achieving a win-win situation after an argument. This is a principle we still use with our kids to this day.

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Make it Practical: One of the best ways to help your kids bear with each other is to coach them to focus on love instead of justice. Within chapter four, I give readers specific directions on how to create a “Speak Love Penny Jar” that is a perfect and tangible way for kids to do just that.

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