Forgiveness ~ 12 Days of Uncommon Kids {Day 5}

by Sami

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Day 5: Forgiveness

forgive raising uncommon kids

Chapter TitleRespect What Your Kids Need to Know

Prayer FocusExtended Family

Once we realize the foundation for raising uncommon kids starts at home (and more importantly, within a parent’s heart), we can begin to examine how this manifests itself on the other side of our front door. Thus, section two deals with your attitude towards others.

A foundational trait in this effort is forgiveness, and often our biggest mission field can be found within our extended family. We must convey to our children that forgiveness is more about freeing ourselves than excusing others, while at the same time teaching them how to establish healthy boundaries.

Mentor Mom Moment: I knew I couldn’t write this book without including words of wisdom from my spiritual mama, Jackie Kendall. She wrote the book on forgiveness (literally – it’s called “Free Yourself to Love” and I highly recommend it) and in this mentor mom moment entitled “Raising Good Forgivers”, she documents 5 coaching tips on what it takes to raise your child as a good forgiver.

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Make it Practical: Another of my favorite moments from ALL the Make it Practical tips in the books comes in this chapter: a Family Prayer Shield. I talk about it in details in this post, but we’ve also created a beautiful, customizable family prayer shield for those of you who pre-order the book before January 19. (More details below…)

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