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Blue Sky MD weigh in week 8


Instead of tell you about my week 8 weigh in at Blue Sky MD, why not just get right to the point:

Yes, it happened. My 5 days in NYC included wedding festivities, hours of walking all over the city, a trip to Ground Zero, and some of my favorite street food…which in turn caused me to bring back an unwanted souvenir: an extra pound 🙁

The good news is that I actually lost fat this week, but I gained a pound of water (what is it with me and holding on to this water weight?!) I did like how Daphne put it at the end of my visit: “Water is just a renter” – it’s not permanent and easy to get rid of 🙂 Good words, my friend!

All in all, considering I was WAY off my normal routine, I guess this week wasn’t all that bad. Yes, I did have half a bagel, split a felafel & gyros with my honey and even found a good Jewish corned beef sandwich on our last night there, but I also found ways to balance those yummy delights throughout the rest of my day.

I will say that I was not at my best when it came to drinking water and snacking throughout the day. I found myself guzzling a bunch of water all at once whenever I could find a bottle and would remember to bring snacks for my kids, but often forgot for myself.

My goal for this week – get back into the 150’s with no looking back!