Brea Kay Salon: My journey to a personal hair-stylist…

by Sami

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20120221-120326.jpgIn all my life, I can honestly say I’ve never had a “personal” hair-stylist, but that was before I knew about Brea Kay Salon

By that I do not mean someone that comes to your house and gets you ready every morning. No. What I’m referring to is a go-to person that you trust implicitly with how you look day in and day out and have no qualms about returning to for every haircut and special event.

Sure, I’ve had friends cut my hair and I have people that I’ve loved in other cities from where I live, but I’ve never had someone that I found that I can trust where I live when I lived there! Even though I’m a frugal girl, I’ve always said I’d be willing to pay more if I could find someone I liked and trusted because hair can be so important, not only to feel good every day, but especially for someone like me that ends up on TV every now and then 🙂

Since moving to Nashville, I’ve typically determined where I get my hair done based on what Groupon I find and where I can get the best deal. In fact, as I was needing to get my hair cut before my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding, I was going to go to the salon where I had a free haircut awaiting me. But my husband seemed hesitant.

The policy in our house when we’ve been really making money stretch has always been that I can go longer without a haircut so that he can get his haircut when he needs to… it’s just that way with guys. But this last haircut he got was my favorite of all time. In the nine years of being together, no one has ever been able to cut his hair the way I imagined it should be cut. So when he came home last month with the exact picture I’ve always had in mind, I was amazed! (after all if you know him, you know he doesn’t have the most manageable hair to work with!)

Knowing Ricky is more visual than I am, I often trust a lot of my personal care decisions to him, hence why he usually picks out my outfits for Talk of the Town!

So as much as it pained me not to go somewhere where I knew I wouldn’t have to pay anything for my hair, I decided to take a leap of faith (and more importantly please my husband) by going to see Brea Kay Murphy in Belle Meade.

To be honest, I was just going to go in and get my highlights touched up because it had been so long since I done anything with them and then still go to the other salon to get my haircut for free. But the moment I st in her chair, I immediately felt at ease…not to mention the fact that she demonstrated a level of confidence and knowledge that I hadn’t experienced in a long, long time. I also took a look around me: not only was her salon immaculate, but her love for her family and people showed. It was at that point I knew I just had to let go and trust her with my looks.

I can’t tell you the last time I had a style I was proud of. Sure, I’ve gotten some good haircuts over the past couple years, but it never quite matched up with what I envisioned in my head. Once again, just like she did with my husband, she created exactly what I had told her I wanted… and I don’t even think I did that good of a job of communicating it to her!

I realize this was my first time with Brea, but I know this wasn’t a fluke. If I’m going to give up my time and money, I want to make sure it’s either productive or extremely restful.  From the minute she started our time together with a shoulder, head, and scalp massage, I knew this was going to be both productive and restful, but most of all, transformational!

I’m excited for this relationship that we’ve started, and now I’m excited to put my kids’ hair in her hands as well. If you live in Nashville and have been looking for that perfect stylist to start a relationship with, may I please recommend Brea Kay Salon? You can book an appointment online directly or check out her website for more info on why she does what she does.

I’d love to hear from those of you that know Brea as well! What do you love about her?

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Lynn Guise February 21, 2012 - 5:32 pm

You look beautiful, Sami!

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