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Disney Dream Christening

Disney Dream Christening (Courtesy Disney Blog)

On Wednesday, January 19, 2011, over 3,000 people attended the Disney Dream Christening, the newest Disney Cruise ship in its ever growing fleet. I, however, was not there.

Was I bitter? No.
Was I jealous? Incredibly.
Am I hopeful to sail on it soon? MOST DEFINITELY!

I admit it, it was incredibly difficult for this Disney girl to watch the never ending #DisneyDream Twitter stream and see snippets of video from the event. But once I got over my own pity-party, I was able to embrace and applaud the true accomplishment that it is. (Watch the Disney Dream Christening for yourself on the Disney Blog)

The 130,000 ton ship celebrated with godmother Jennifer Hudson (who got her start as a performer on Disney Cruise Line) and will take its Maiden Voyage on January 26th to the Bahamas.

I can’t wait to ride the “Aqua Duck”, the first major water slide (that actually swings out over the ocean) on the open seas.

How about you – are you looking forward to sailing on the Disney Dream or are you content staying on land at Disney Parks?

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