Disney Passholder & Birthday Budget Tip

by Sami

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What Will You Celebrate?
I just found out a great tip from Disney Reservations! (Pay attention FL residents)

The biggest difference between a Season Pass (for FL residents) and an Annual Pass (for anyone) at Disney is the blackout dates: Annual Passes don’t have any and the Season Pass blocks you out of the park during most of the summer and the holidays. However the Season Pass only costs $239 for adults ($211 for kids 3-10) as compared to the annual pass, which is $359 for adults ($316 for kids 3-10; these are FL resident prices).

As most of you know, 2009 is the Year of Celebrations at Disney, so everyone who registers at their site gets in to a park free on their birthday. However, if you have a Season or Annual Pass and still go to the parks on your birthday, you can get one of 3 options instead:

*A birthday FASTPASS® exchange card + for a certain number attractions at the Theme Park you visit on your birthday; or
*A birthday fun card in an amount equal to the price of a 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket* for you to use for certain purchases including select merchandise, recreation or tour experiences, or for Disney’s PhotoPass® on-site services at participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort; or
*A 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket for you to use any time until your next birthday.

*Guests using complimentary ticket media for admission on their birthday are not eligible to receive these listed options.
+The number of birthday FASTPASS exchange cards issued per day is limited and may not be available after 11am. Valid Theme Park admission required. FASTPASS benefit for birthday celebrant and up to 5 members of his/her party.
*Ticket price at gate, excluding tax. Adults receive card in the amount of an adult ticket; children (ages 3-9) receive card in the amount of a child ticket. For terms and conditions of the card and details on participating locations,
click here.

Q: What if I’m a Seasonal Passholder and my birthday falls on a day my Pass is blocked out?

A: If your birthday falls on a day that your Pass is blocked out, you will be able to receive the free birthday ticket for admission to one theme park on your birthday. You can upgrade the ticket or use the ticket to renew or upgrade your Pass. If you upgrade the ticket or your Pass you are responsible for the incremental cost and the upgraded ticket or Pass still may only be used by you.

Now, here’s the tip to save money I mentioned earlier: If you’re like us and have summer birthdays but don’t want to spend money on an annual pass, you can buy a 3 Day Resident Pass (which is around $120), use those 3 days at any time (like the summer!), still get your free goodies mentioned above on your birthday, and then apply the cost of your 3 day pass to a seasonal pass! So even after you use all 3 of your days, you can take that “ticket” (valued at $120), apply it to the cost of your Season Pass, and end up paying only an extra $100 for the rest of the year AND get all the birthday freebies that go along with it!

Another way to save money: If you’re taking advantage of the FREE DINING PLAN offered later this fall, you know you have to buy at least a ONE DAY base ticket to take advantage of that offer. However, you can take that ticket once you check in and apply the value of it towards your Season/Annual Pass, saving you even more money!

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