Disney Pixar’s “Brave” a favorite before even opening!

by Sami

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Disney Pixar’s newest movie “Brave” hasn’t even been released in theater’s yet, but even before it opens, my daughter has declared it her favorite movie ever!

She spent all her birthday money on getting the new Merida costume when we were at Disney World just a couple weeks ago and has already been practicing her archery skills:


The kids were proud to be one of the few in costume for the big premiere (Since there weren’t any male costumes for Britton to dress up in, Kariss made Britton a mask so he could dress as “Angus” (Merida’s horse):

Luckily tonight, our family was afforded a sneak peak of “Brave” and the reviews are in:

From my perspective: It was literally one of the most visually beautiful animated films I’ve ever seen.

I typically DETEST 3D movies as well, but this was the first movie, animated or not, where the 3D effect actually enhanced the film rather than being distracting.

Now keep in mind, this isn’t one of those typical Disney Princess movies where the heroine needs to be rescued from an evil queen by a prince on a white horse. Instead, it seems our heroine needs rescuing from herself.

It’s also not one where you’ll leave the theater singing a catchy, upbeat showtune. But don’t get me wrong: this film will take your breath away.

Even though the movie seems to take place in a fairy-tale time from long ago, the message was still so relevant today that I wanted to hit the pause button so I could dialogue with my daughter in the middle of the film.

It’s one of the few Disney films where the mother is present in the daughter’s life. The father/daughter relationship between Merida and her dad is tender and sweet, yet it’s her relationship with her mom that I think we can all relate to…and becomes the driving story line of this movie. (I’ll leave it at that for now so as not to spoil anything…)

I’m still pondering “Brave” even as I write this hours later. To be honest, I was preparing myself not to like it as much as some of my other Disney favorites, yet I found myself wanting to watch it for a second time before my first experience had even ended!

I don’t recommend spending money in the movie theaters very often, but I know you and your family will agree that “Brave” is more than worth every penny spent.

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