Disney Planes Review

by Sami

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My Disney Planes Review:

There has been a lot of skepticism about the new Disney Planes movie. And after seeing it I can say I am still ambivalent on my Disney planes review.

Even my kids were split in their opinion. My son thought it was awesome, but my daughter thought it was just okay.

I think perhaps my husband said it best. He still vividly remembers sitting in the movie theater with our son watching “Cars”. Our little man was barely able to keep the 3-D glasses on as he sat in his booster. As he watched the high-energy race scenes, he got so excited as he screamed and raised his hand to high-five him. My husband says it was a moment in time he will never forget.

In the words of my husband,”it just didn’t pack the energy and excitement I was hoping for”.

For me, I was hoping to see more of the cars characters intermingled into the movie since it has been touted as “from high above the world of cars”.

I can’t say I’d advise you to go see this film in theaters; though it’s cute, Disney Planes is not worth the full price of admission.

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