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Do You Lack Margin?

Do you lack margin?

No, not notebook paper, though that’s a good imagery example. Think of the blank space that surrounds the text of a book or the lines of the afore-mentioned paper….that area is referred to as the margin.

Do you have that same space in your life? Or do you find yourself constantly running late, barely making appointments or running errands right before the stores close?

I’m ashamed to say I’ve lived my life with very little margin. Always hoping to squeeze in one more activity, conversation or task, I leave little room for error, much less a spare deep breath.

It’s this topic that inspired my latest vlog:

If you’re looking for even more guidance in this area, you can read my review of the book Margin, by Richard Swenson, or buy Margin from Amazon.com. (Obviously, I still need to work on applying the principles I read!)

How do you add margin to your life? Do you struggle with this as much as I do?