Dollywood FireChaser Express Family Roller Coaster Debut!

by Sami

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Dollywood FireChaser Express Family Roller Coaster debuts at Dollywood’s 2014 Season opening on March 22, 2014…but we got a special preview today!

Dollywood FireChaser Express Family Roller Coaster 2014

If you missed the live stream of the event, you can watch Dolly Parton herself sing “Great Balls of Fire” LIVE at the FireChaser Express opening ceremony:

FireChaser Express is the nation’s first dual-launch family coaster, meaning it leaves the station one way and comes flying back into the station in the opposite direction. The minimum height requirement for the ride is only 39-inches, so kids as young as four or five will have the opportunity to ride their first rollercoaster at Dollywood.

As a mom (especially one who is at the park by myself with the kids on this trip), I cannot tell you how much I appreciate a thrill ride that all of us can actually go on together!

Here’s just a glimpse of our FireChaser Express experience:

The kids wanted to ride it again and again, but as you can imagine, it had quite a long line throughout the day. The only downside to the 2 minute and 19 second ride is that only one car is on the track at a time, making the wait time a little longer than average.

The FireChaser Express is a great addition to the Dollywood family of rides and we can’t wait to get back on it.

And stay tuned for more information on the Dollywood Dream More Hotel opening Summer 2015…

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