e-Mealz Groupon Deal & Meal Plan: January 30, 2012

by Sami

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monday-meal-plan I’ve got a win/win today: there is an e-Mealz Groupon deal in addition to Monday’s Meal Plan for January 30, 2012!

It looks like the e-Mealz Groupon is only good for today, but you will not want to wait: you can get a year’s worth of menu planning for only $29! I’m especially excited about the new Whole Foods meal plan they’re offering – based on actual sales at Whole Foods…it doesn’t get any better than that!

Yes, I realize I just did a Whole Foods Menu Planning video on that very topic, but that doesn’t mean I’m the only expert on the subject. Likewise, just because I offer menu plans on SamiCone.com doesn’t mean that I don’t like to get inspiration from other sources, and e-Mealz happens to be one of my favorite to find new ideas.

Watch my Whole Foods video: “Budget Menu Planning around the Whole Deal

Of course, I’d love to see you at my Whole Foods workshop this Thursday (2/2) at 7:30pm at Whole Foods Market Green Hills to show you how I shopped for the deals to come up with this menu! Someone there will win a pantry makeover and a free coaching session with me 🙂

But don’t fret, I’ll still be bringing you free menu plans on SamiCone.com – so here’s this week’s menu. Keep in mind, we’re still watching our carb and calorie intake because I’m in week 4 of my life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD, so feel free to adapt as you see fit for your family.

Monday Hard boiled egg & half grapefruit Tuna salad Thai chicken over greens
Tuesday Berry Protein Smoothie Turkey & Cheese roll ups Thai Chicken Peanut Salad (with leftovers from last night)
Wednesday Egg White Omelet Salami & Cheese Miso soup & Gyoza
Thursday Gluten Free Waffles with Peanut Butter Garlicky Kale Salad Chili
Friday Cereal Chicken Burger Family Fun Night (Pizza/Appetizers)
Saturday Fried Eggs & Grits Nachos London Broil with onions & garlic
Sunday Cereal & fruit leftovers Chopped Salad


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