eMeals Free Paleo Meal Plan: October 2012

by Sami

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monday-meal-planWell, it’s not Monday, and I don’t even have a full Meal Plan for you today, but I realized I haven’t posted a meal plan for all of October and felt like you deserved an explanation why.

I know I also haven’t given you a health update in awhile (remind me to do that later too), but I’m officially off of my thyroid medication now! That’s in large part thanks to Dr. Jana and Dr. Maxfield at the Middle Tennessee Center for Alternative Medicine…and thanks to them, I’ve come to understand better what fuels my body and what crashes my body.

In an effort to detox, and in order to avoid the negative triggers of gluten & dairy, they’ve suggested a 6 week detox which basically left me eating nuts, protein and vegetables. As I did more and more research on what I could eat, I realized this pretty much lined up with a Paleo diet.

I haven’t been posting meal plans because I honestly haven’t figured out how to make this work for my whole family yet. But just as I’ve been learning more and more about Paleo eating, I discovered my friends at eMeals‘ had jumped on the Paleo bandwagon and are now offering a Paleo Meal Plan too!

They have issued a Paleo Challenge for everyone to try a free week of Paleo meals available in family and ‘for two’ versions.

And you know I’d never share something like this without finding a special deal for you 😉

Right now if you subscribe to eMeals Paleo meal plan, enter code PALEO for an extra 10% off!


I’ll keep you updated on how this works out for our family, but I’m curious…have you tried eating Paleo yet? Do you think it would work for your whole family?


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