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Nashville Ballet Nutcracker 2012 Youth Cast Press Pictures


As the Nashville Ballet’s 2012 production of the Nashville Nutcracker draws near, Kariss is getting even more excited to be part of the cast…but never more so than this past weekend when press pictures and costume fittings were held!

I’ll share more about the costume fittings in another post, but I wanted to take you behind the scenes of the press photos the youth cast had the opportunity to take part in.

As the Official Nashville Ballet Nutcracker Youth Cast Blogger, I’m being allowed special entry into come of the normally ‘closed-door’ activities, such as the press photos and costume fittings. As a mom, it’s important that I trust not only the people whose care I’m putting Kariss in, but also the environment where I’m sending her.

As parents of the youth cast, we don’t always get to see what goes on in the studio after they call our kids back, but from everything I’ve seen so far, the Nashville Ballet staff conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism…and expects the same from their youth cast.

I always appreciate people that expect more from children than they even realize is possible of themselves, and I believe the Nashville Ballet instructors and staff bring that out in my daughter. As parents, we underestimate our kids too often, so I’m excited to see how her confidence and abilities grow as a result of this experience.

But back to the photos 😉

Pictures were organized by county where the kids lived, but they were also able to take part in multiple photos, since some kids go to school or church in different zip codes other than where they live.

Kariss happened to take part in the first photo for Williamson County since we just moved out that way:

And then they realized their were so many girls from Brentwood, that they pulled them out for their own pictures, leaving these lovely ladies:

…but since we’d lived in Bellevue ever since moving here in 2009 and still go to church there, we wanted her to be a part of that group too. However, she ended up being the only Bellevue representative, so she got to take a picture with the Nutcracker himself!

Ok, maybe it was a smaller version of the Nutcracker, but it was still special.

Here’s a little behind the scenes footage:

I’m not sure when the pictures appear in the actual newspaper, but you know I’ll be sure to let you know when they do!