Everybody Can Help Somebody

by Sami

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“Nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.” ~ Denver Moore

This is my favorite quote from “Same Kind of Different as Me” (and the new “Same Kind of Different as Me for Kids“). The beautiful lesson this teaches our children is that although everyone cannot help everybody, someone can help somebody. This simple concept demystifies the definition of serving others.


We don’t have to have any special skills, talents, or agenda; we simply need to teach our children to tap into what it is they love and find others who are interested in sharing the same gifts.

Here are just a couple ways you can encourage your children to not only celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day, but begin to look for ways to help others each and every day:

Simple Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

* Find a way to celebrate different “annual days” such as “See You at the Pole” or “Earth Day”
* Knock on a neighbor’s door and see if they need help around the house or with their lawn
(Read the rest of my tips, along with the full post on FaithGateway.com)

Chances are, if you take the time to ask your kids for their ideas, they’ll come up with something better and even more personal to them.

Before you do, I’d challenge you to read “Same Kind of Different as Me for Kids” as a family. Not only will Ron and Denver’s story inspire you, but it will remind each of you willing to listen that kindness often starts with a relationship before it starts with an act.

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