Free Lesson from World Music Nashville

by Sami

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It’s drum lesson day! Yes, my now four year old son has been taking drum lessons for just about a month now at World Music Nashville and I cannot believe what they’ve taught him to do!


Just a month ago my son would just bang on anything he could get his hands on. Now, not only does he know how to hold a stick properly, but he’s reading music, can discern between quarter, eighth & sixteenth notes and rests AND knows the names of the different types of drums…REALLY? All that from half an hour a week?

To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible. I was just hoping to get him an outlet for his love of music and maybe work on his counting and his rhythm, but alas, here we are. Music prodigy in the making.

I wonder if I should start booking his European tour or North American first?

Anyway, it’s not too late for you or your child to have this same experience for FREE! World Music Nashville is still offering eCONEmic Living readers one FREE music lesson with this coupon. They’re located at the corner of Old Hickory Road and Hwy 70S in Bellevue, so it couldn’t be easier to get to. I cannot recommend strongly enough how talented their teachers are and how much it’s enhanced my son’s joy and confidence.

Have you had your free lesson yet? Leave a post below when you do and let me know what you think!

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