Free Walmart+ Trial: Top 7 Walmart Plus Membership Benefits

by Sami

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For a limited time, you can get a FREE Walmart+ trial for 30 days! I’ll show you how.

How to Get a Free Walmart+ Trial

Top 7 Benefits of Walmart+

These are the top 7 benefits of Walmart+ and why I think you need to sign up today:

  1. Access Black Friday Deals starting at Noon ET
  2. Free Shipping (no order minimum)
  3. INCREDIBLE Gas Savings
  4. Free Paramount+ Subscription
  5. FREE returns from home
  6. Free Delivery from store (with $35 purchase)
  7. 30-day FREE TRIAL!

Don’t wait any longer…Sign up for your FREE Walmart+ Trial TODAY

Walmart+ Gas Savings Benefits

The one benefit that stands out among all the others is the Walmart+ gas savings. I’ve had a Costco membership over the years and I ALWAYS have to wait in a long line to get gas at their warehouse. With a Walmart+ membership, I can get gas at Sam’s Clubs across the country (without a warehouse membership) and I have yet to wait in a gas line. The prices have consistently been the lowest in the area as well.

But the savings don’t stop there.

I can also get gas savings at Marathon gas stations and other gas pumps across the country. I just scan a QR code on the pump and it automatically applies the savings and allows me to the credit card I stored on my Walmart app.

Free Home Returns

Another lesser-known benefit I’ve taken advantage of with Walmart plus is free home returns.

Why is this important?

I hate returning things in-store, but often need to make returns. Now that I have a Walmart+ membership, I can schedule a free pickup at my home and just place the package outside my front door or on my porch.

Why is this such a big deal? I recently bought a mattress from Walmart that I didn’t love. There was literally no way for me to get it to the store to return it. All I had to do was print out a pre-paid label, cover the mattress, adhere the label, leave it on my porch, and schedule a time for FedEx to pick it up.

How Do I Activate Free Walmart Plus?

You can simply sign up for your free Walmart+ trial today.

If you are a Verizon customer, certain plans also include this membership. You do have to activate your free Walmart Plus plan by first signing in to or creating a Walmart account.

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