Gratitude ~ 12 Days of Uncommon Kids {Day 9}

by Sami

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Day 9: Gratitude

Raising Uncommon Kids Gratitude

Chapter TitleKids Can Too

Prayer FocusCity

Chapter 9 marks the first chapter in our final section, where the focus turns toward your influence in your world.

Gratitude goes a long way in any scenario, but taking kids out to face the reality of life for those in the bigger city around them can be the wake-up call everyone needs. Parents often threaten kids by exposing them to how children in third-world countries live, but many would be surprised to discover the hurt going on within miles of their own home.

It’s up to caregivers to not only expose their children to these issues, but help them evolve a plan for how to lend a hand in a tangible and ongoing way.

Mentor Mom Moment: Making our kids feel unique without letting it go to their heads can be challenging for any parent, much less one with multiple children in the public eye. Barbara Cameron (mother of four – including Kirk Cameron & Candance Cameron Bure) shares how she navigated this road with two children on TV.

Tweet: When we feel as though we have nothing to give, we can always offer our gratitude. ~ @TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Make it PracticalDrive-Thru Pay It Forward – The next time you find yourself in a drive-thru, offer to pay the bill for the people behind you, (and use the free printable notecards that you get when you pre-order to write a note the cashier can hand to the car behind you so the beneficiary may consider doing something similar one day).

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