Great MOEments at Moe’s Headquarters

by Sami

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I’ve been working with Moe’s Southwest Grill for a few years now… and by working I mean I’m a fan who loves their food and has sought to be a part of the bigger picture of what they do.

Perhaps it’s their signature greeting of “Welcome to Moe’s” when you walk in the door. Maybe it’s the queso blanco (cheese dip) that our family just can’t get enough of. Or it could just be that they make great food at a good value. Whatever it is, we’ve been fans for a long time.

It got to the point where when we asked my son where he wanted to celebrate his fourth birthday a couple years ago, his first (& immediate) response was that he wanted a Moe’s birthday party!

So it was a great thrill when I was asked recently to join eight of my fellow bloggers to learn more about this brand and how they do what they do so well.

Today we got a special sneak peek into not only the food at Moe’s, but more importantly the people who make the brand what it is. The one thing that stood out more than anything to me was that even though Moe’s is a franchise, they’ve done a remarkable job about maintaining the feel of a hometown restaurant.


They shut down a northern Atlanta Moe’s Southwest Grill and surprised us with personalized Moe’s chef jackets placed at our table setting with a preview of the tasting menu we’d be enjoying later in the evening.


It doesn’t get much better than this for a Moe’s fan!


Our first challenge of the evening was to split into two teams and create our very own salsa recipe from a variety of fresh ingredients! Our team (“Moe’s Masters”) created a fruity salsa with a kick that included pineapple, mango, cilantro, lime juice & heirloom tomatoes, along with roasted  peppers & shallots. It was DELISH and I wish it would show up on the Moe’s salsa bar permanently…speaking of which, your own salsa recipe may have a chance to do just that! More on that to come…


After sampling a Cuban Quesadilla, Southwestern Cobb Salad & Southwestern Club Chicken Salad Wrap, we finished our tasting menu with what turned out to be my personal favorite, the Chimichurri Burrito. It included Grass-Fed Sirloin Steak, Grilled Mushrooms & Peppers, Fresh Pico & Seasoned Rice, along with the special Moe’s Southwest Chimichurri Sauce.


I was so impressed with the entire Moe’s team I had the pleasure to meet and talk with tonight, from their Social Media experts all the way up to the President himself! Not only did they talk about things that made me feel good as a parent bringing my kids to eat at Moe’s, but they embodied the values of an organization I’m proud to support. Come on, when the president of a company is serving you dinner and picking up your trash, while working just as hard behind the line as his employees, you have to believe that attitude will trickle down to everyone in the organization.


It was an honor to be a part of this group of bloggers: @CrunchyBchMama, @MommyBKnowsBest, @OneMomsWorld, @InTheKitchenDP, @HungryHousewife, @LocalMandi, @SecretAgentMama, @StacieInAtlanta

Before the evening concluded, they asked if anyone wanted to try their hand at rolling a famous Moe’s burrito. Of course I couldn’t pass up the challenge!

It turns out that Moe’s employees are expected to roll a burrito in under three and a half minutes. Let’s see how I did:

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

I’ll be bringing you more info about new deals, contests and food facts from Moe’s Southwest Grill in the coming months, but for now, I have a question for you:
If you could get behind the line at Moe’s to make anything at all, what would it be?

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Crunchy Beach Mama March 26, 2012 - 10:19 am

FAB post! (When did you have time to write that?!)

Great meeting you and hope to chat soon again!!

sami March 26, 2012 - 4:15 pm

I got it done after we came home on Friday night 🙂 I knew it would get lost in my to-do list if I waited until I got home!
Great to meet you!

Paul Macaluso March 26, 2012 - 6:40 am

Awesome recap! Thanks for your kind words. It was great to meet you and share a little more about our brand with you. And, you did an incredible job rolling that burrito!!! Love your passion!! — Paul Macaluso @pmac3s

sami March 26, 2012 - 4:18 pm

Thanks, Paul! It was such a pleasure to meet you and the rest of the Moe’s team. I hope I can continue to communicate your enthusiasm for your people and your product to my readers 🙂

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