A Moe’s Birthday Party!

by Sami

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Most of you know our affinity for Moe’s. Where else can you get fresh Mexican food made right in front of you with FREE chips & salsa? Not to mention kids eat free on Monday nights…seriously, Yo quiero (I’m sure I spelled that wrong, but give me a break, I speak French, not Spanish).

So when our 3 year old son was about to turn 4 and announced he didn’t want a birthday party because he wanted to save money for Disney World (seriously, not even I could make that up), we had to really think. I don’t think the grandparents would let us get away with not having a party (even though none of them live in the same state we do), but I wasn’t about to throw the bash of the century for a kid who’s only requests were “cake, chips & games” – not necessarily in that order.

So when it dawned on me that his birthday fell on a Monday, the imaginary light bulb above my head went off: Moe’s! It’s our son’s favorite restaurant, it’s already kids night and even the adults would be happy.” But can I really have a birthday party at Moe’s?” I thought to myself.


I called the great people of Moe’s, and they graciously agreed to host our boisterous group. They already had a group of tables reserved for us before we arrived and were so helpful throughout the night. Every kids meal comes with a drink, chips & a cookie, so the little ones were quite occupied with all their selections. The cake was a success and I never even got to the party games I had planned because everyone was too busy having fun.

I want to say a big thank you to Scott and his team at all the Nashville Moe’s locations. So whether you want an inexpensive and delicious night out with your family or you want to take your kids soccer team out after a big game, why not go to Moe’s? I guarantee you’ll get a great big “Welcome to Moe’s” when you walk in and you’ll walk out with a full belly and a happy heart. Thanks, Moe’s!

You too can get a birthday treat at Moe’s: just sign up for Moe’s eClub and look for a birthday present in your inbox.

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