How to Help Others (& Look Cute Doing It!)

by Sami

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Who loves when you can help a great cause AND look cute doing it?

Project 615 backpack fashionable booties

I love supporting local Nashville businesses…and love how many of their products also support those in need.

Too many of us believe incorrectly that we have to watch our money so we can hold on to it tighter with closed fists. WRONG.

sami cone backpack teal door

I truly believe that when we open our hands to God, not only does it allow us to share our blessings with others, but it also allows God to continue to pour blessings into us.

The majority of what I wore today either had an ethical or charitable component to it, like my booties and ring from Fashionable, my bracelets from Kendra Scott and Alex & Ani, and my socks, patches & pins from Project 615 (which I hand-sewed onto this backpack from Staples). And yes, all of these brands have great sales throughout the year too!

staples backpack project 615 patches

So get creative in how you help your community. If you need ideas for how to help your family give back in new ways, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Better yet, let’s all share one simple way we can make a difference in our neighbor’s lives below!

For more compassionate fashion, read about my gifts that give back.

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