Homemade Graham Crackers

by Sami

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Martha-Stewart-graham-crackersGet Martha Stewart’s recipe for homemade Graham Crackers

Not long ago, a friend responded to my post on free peanut butter by saying she’d take a pass on both them and the graham cracker deal because of the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. What? Two of my favorite foods were bad for me and my kids? Say it isn’t so!

I knew I could get freshly ground peanut butter pretty easily, but graham crackers have always come in a blue box! SO imagine my delight when I found this recipe from Martha Stewart in my inbox for homemade Graham Crackers!

What’s your favorite healthy snack for your kids? Calie over at Broccoli Cupcake is pulling together some fresh & healthy new ideas for kids lunchboxes, so be sure to visit her site to share your ideas and get some new ones!

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