How to Help Our Girls Overcome Fear with Faith

by Sami

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As a mom, I wish I could protect my kids from everything from heartache to natural disasters. Realistically, I recognize that’s not only impossible, it’s not healthy for them.

Think back with me to your own childhood and adolescence. When I reflect on the moments that made me who I am today, most stemmed from how I responded to the unknown, rejection, and a broken heart.

So rather than allowing fear to plague our children – and our girls, in particular – it’s up to us as their parents to equip them with the opportunity to form their own interior monologues to overcome the fears they will inevitably face.

Here are five fears we need to help our girls overcome and how to battle back against them:

The Lie: “I’m not pretty enough”
The Truth: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” – Ps 139:14

Even the most beautiful women can easily find fault with themselves. And no matter how much we repeat to our girls how beautiful they are, they will never believe us until they learn to look in the mirror and see themselves as God sees them. Teach this principle by asking your daughter how she views you and then confessing some of your own insecurities, immediately followed by the personal and moral characteristics you choose to focus on instead. By being vulnerable with your girl, you’re teaching her to embrace her true beauty and learn to view others in a new way as well.

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And if your daughter still thinks she’s alone in feeling fearful, encourage her with this: best-selling author and star of Dancing with the Stars, Sadie Robertson, has an important message for her generation: you don’t have to be held back by fear, anxiety, or loneliness anymore.

She bravely admits to struggling with insecurity and isolation for too many years, including playing the comparison game with everything from thigh gaps to eyebrows to the lifestyles she felt she had to live up to.

She was so afraid of being “found out”: that everyone in her life would somehow figure out that she was fearful and small and that she struggled to make her faith a reality and to be secure in who she is. It took a major perspective shift from staring at comments on a screen to really digging into the pages of her Bible to see what God actually says about overcoming fear. In her newest book, Live Fearless, Sadie takes readers on a thrilling personal journey toward discovering their true power, passion, and purpose.

If Sadie was writing this post with me, I believe she’d want me to end by sharing the one Psalm that she said changed everything for her as it led her “out of fear and into freedom”: Psalm 46.

While I don’t have room to share the entire Psalm here, I will share my two favorite verses that bring me comfort and fight fear:

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble…He says, “Be still, and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:1 & 10a

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