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How to Make a Disney Cruise Lapbook

Are you wondering how to make a Disney Cruise Lapbook?

Perhaps you’re wondering what a Lapbook is in the first place?

Our family is taking a 6 night Disney Cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Disney Magic (leaving out of one of their new ports – Galveston, TX where kids sail free right now!). While we’re super excited, we also realize that means the kids are going to miss a lot of school.

So I went to their teachers to ask how we can maximize their learning AND fun while onboard the Disney Cruise; their answer: a Disney Cruise Lapbook!


I searched the web and couldn’t find anyone who had made a Disney Cruise Lapbook, so for any of you who want to try something similar, I thought I’d share two videos on the topic:
1. How to Make a Disney Cruise Lapbook (which you can watch below)
2. How to Fill your Disney Cruise Lapbook (coming soon)

We’re making three Lapbooks to take aboard our Disney Magic Cruise:
1. At Sea (the biggest of our Lapbooks since that’s where we’ll be spending the majority of our time)
2. Cozumel (our first Port of Call)
3. Grand Cayman (our second Port of Call)

Before embarking (pun intended!) on making your Disney Cruise Lapbooks, make sure to gather all the necessary supplies (easy to find at most office supply stores or around the house):
*Colored 3-Tab File Folders
*Glue Sticks
*Scissors (adult & kid size)
*Tape (Invisible & Packing Tape)
*A clean, flat surface to fold and glue on

The decorative elements like stickers and mini-books will come in the next lesson, so don’t worry about those now.

This how-to video will walk you through how to make & fold a basic lapbook, as well as how to add pages to your lapbook, how to add a folder to your lapbook and how to make a multi-folder lap book:

(I know it’s long, but I wanted to be thorough for any of you who have never done it before. It’s also broken down into segments, so you can fast forward to special sections of interest if you like)

Make sure to stay tuned for more tips on how to prepare for a Disney Cruise, as well as reports from our Disney Cruise Line adventure!



  1. We love lapbooks – oh, to go on the cruise would be fantastic!

  2. Love this! We are a homeschooling family going on a Disney cruise to the same ports as you in February and are making lap books to learn about the ship & ports before we go. I’m still in the process of collecting the information we’ll be using (it’s hard to find good stuff!) so I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll be including! I have some good stuff bookmarked that I’ve found so far that I’d be glad to share if you’d like. Have fun!

  3. I would love to see what you found, Kristie. It has been hard to find good stuff!