Disney Cruise Departure: What to Do Beforehand

by Sami

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I’m still trying to process all the memories from our Disney Cruise Line family trip, but while they were fresh in my mind, I wanted to share some practical tips for what to do before your Disney Cruise departure.

what do do before leaving disney cruise line

Being that you’re on a cruise ship, there aren’t as many “We’ll just take care of that once we’re there” moments (not to mention you’re also traveling out of the country!), so there are a lot of details to attend to before you even think of leaving on your fabulous Disney Cruise vacation.

I’ve tried to divide my Pre-Disney Cruise Departure Duties into practical segments for you:

Home related Pre-Disney Cruise To-Do List:
Call your cell phone company and ask them to put restrictions on your phone so you are not charged for international calling, data, or roaming
You will also want to place your phone on airplane mode if you plan on keeping it on to use the camera.

Make sure to make all your phone calls before you get on board because of the restrictions you’re going to put on your phone

Place your mail on hold with the post office

Credit Cards: Call and let them know you’ll be traveling outside of the country. However beware: most charge a transaction fee ranging from 2-5% for any purchases made on foreign soil.

***There is a phone number so that you can be reached on board the ship in case of emergency. Make sure to leave that with a friend or family member.

Personal Items for your Pre-Disney Cruise To-Do List:
Charge your cell phone and electronic devices before leaving for the airport

Keep vitamins, medications, sunscreen, gum, and motion sickness remedies close by.

Pack your most important items in a back to keep with you because it may be hours before you are reunited with your luggage

Trip related Pre-Disney Cruise To-Do List:
Contact Disney cruise in advance to let them know about anything you may be celebrating. You can have your room decorated by them for a small fee or even have cake, water, or alcohol delivered to your room throughout your cruise.

Order personalized items, like autographed pillowcases, door magnets, fish extenders, bags, water bottles, and T-shirts

Call ahead and see if you can find out your dinner rotation. It’s helpful to know so you can make alternative plans around your lesser favorite restaurants.

Have you gone on a Disney Cruise before? What Disney Cruise departure to-do suggestions do you have?

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