Kids Craft: Summer Scrapbook

by Sami

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Summer-ScrapbookI have the perfect kids craft for you to try: a Summer Scrapbook!

Don’t click away just yet! Trust me, I am not normally one to make scrapbooks either! However, as quickly as the month of June passed us by, I wanted to be sure July didn’t fly by in the same manner.

While we’ve been busy with our scripture songs and learning the Fruits of the Spirit (I know, I still need to share what we’ve been doing on that one!), I wanted a tangible way for the kids to remember the summer while learning and reflecting in the process.

Hence, the summer scrapbook! I think all of us would do more kids crafts if they were easier and involved less prep-work…so viola! The Summer Scrapbook activity is born!

Everyday during the month of July, you’re going to focus on a different letter of the alphabet with your kiddos. Since this is the first day of the month, I just want you to spend today getting mentally prepared, finding coloring supplies and talking up the project with your kids. All you’ll need are 30 plain pieces of paper (or construction paper if you prefer), markers, crayons, scissors and maybe some glitter and glue sticks if you feel adventurous and brave!

Each day I’ll provide you with a character theme and a prompt to go along with that day’s letter. Then it’s as simple as sitting down with your kids (I like to lay a blanket on the floor for activities like this) and watching their imaginations go to work!

So get ready, get excited, and come back tomorrow for “A” great start to your scrapbook 🙂

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