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by Sami

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I’ve tracked Macy’s sales for over a decade. So why not create a hub for Macy’s sale promo codes?

While Macy’s promo codes can change from sale to sale and year to year, many are used over and over again.

Macy’s Sale Promo Codes

Macy’s sales vary from offering 15% off to up to 60-70% off depending on the specific sale. Some don’t require using a promo code for the extra discount. Other sales make you enter a discount code at checkout.

Don’t ask me why that’s the case. My only concern is making sure you save as much money as you can when you shop at Macy’s online!

Shop the Current Macy's Sale

Monthly Macy’s Sales Codes

Macys sales tend to run in a similar cycle. While sale dates can change, these are the sales I typically see at Macy’s each month along with their respective promo codes.

While I didn’t list specific dates since those change year to year, I did list the sales chronologically within each month.

Remember, you’ll also find Macy’s Flash sales run for about 24 hours at the beginning of most weeks. These sales feature a single category (like shoes, coats, or jewelry) and can feature savings of 75% off!

Now let’s get to those promo codes!

January Macy’s Sales

  • One Day Sale
  • Value Add Sale: SAVE, CLEAR, WINTER (The Value Add Sale happened over multiple weekends with different discount codes)

February Macy’s Promo Codes

  • One Day Sale
  • Valentine’s Day Sale: VDAY
  • President’s Day Sale: REFRESH
  • Value Add Sale: SAVE

March Macy’s Sales & Discount Codes

  • Storewide Sale: SHOP
  • Value Add: READY
  • VIP Sale: VIP

March Macy’s Codes

  • Friends & Family Sale: FRIEND

April Macy’s Sales:

  • Easter Sale: SAVE
  • Lowest Prices of the Season: LOW50 or LOW25
  • Friends & Family: FRIEND

May Sales

  • Mother’s Day Sale: MOM
  • Ultimate Shopping Event: ULTIMATE
  • Memorial Day Sale

June Macy’s Sale Codes

  • Ultimate Cardholder Event: ULTIMATE
  • Lowest Price of the Season
  • Friends & Family: FRIEND
  • Father’s Day Sale: DAD
  • Value Add: SAVE
  • Lowest Price of the Season

July Promo Codes

  • 4th of July Sale: FOURTH
  • Black Friday in July: JULY
  • Macy’s One Day Sale
  • Value Add: SAVE
  • Buy More Save More (Back to School)

August Sales & Macy’s Codes

  • Value Add: SAVE
  • Back to School Sale
  • Big Home Sale: HOME
  • 10 Days of Glam: GLAM10
  • Ultimate Shopping Event: ULTIMATE (Similar discounts to the Friends & Family Sale)

September Macy’s Sales & Codes

  • Labor Day Sale: LABOR
  • Value Add Sale: SAVE
  • VIP Sale: VIP (typically spans about 2 weekends and 10 days at the end of September/beginning of October)

October Macy’s Promo Codes

  • Fabulous Fall Sale: FALL (usually the first full weekend of October)
  • Lowest Prices of the Season: LPOS
  • Friends & Family Sale: FRIEND

November Promo Codes

  • Value Add: SAVE
  • One Day Sale
  • Veteran’s Day Lowest Prices of the Season: LPOS
  • Black Friday Preview Sale
  • Black Friday Sale: BLKFRI
    ***Note, both the Black Friday Preview and Black Friday Sales typically offer an extra 20% off***
  • Cyber Monday Sale: CYBER

December Macy’s Sales & Codes

  • Friends & Family: FRIEND
  • One Day Sale
  • Gifts You’ll Love to Give Sale
  • Last Minute Gift Sale: GIFT
  • After Christmas Sale: JOY

I didn’t want to put dates on the sales because they vary from year to year, but I did list them in chronological order.

25% off Code with Macy’s Email Sign Up

macys Email sign up

Get 25% off when you sign up for Macy’s emails. If you click and it takes you to Macy’s website, scroll to the bottom right to enter your email so they can send you the discount code.

Other Macy’s Sales


Besides the Macy’s sales I listed above, you’ll see many other Macy’s sales. These include Flash Sales that pertain to certain categories (such as lingerie, shoes or kids). Macy’s also has longer ongoing sales that don’t require coupon codes, such as their Home Sale or Mattress Sale.

For example, the last Macy’s Big Home Sale lasted from January 25 through February 14. If I ever do find a Macy’s Home Sale promo code, I’ll add it to this list.

Macy’s One Day Sale Promo Code

There is never a Macy’s One Day Sale promo code. Perhaps I should say I have never seen a promo code for a One Day Sale. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen, but the sale prices are generally up to 60% off without a code needed.

We are used to seeing a One Day Sale every month. Some months, like November or December, we may see more than one.

In recent months, Macy’s developed new sale names with similar savings to the ODS, such as the 48-Hour Sale.

More Macy’s Sales

Keep in mind, this is not a definitive list. Not only are there other Macy’s sales, sometimes the sales mentioned above happen in a different order.

But after years of shopping at Macy’s, I like tracking sales trends. As much as I enjoy shopping at Macy’s, I will not buy anything if I don’t have a coupon code.

Want to shop even when there’s not a Macy’s Sale? Use this Macy’s printable coupon.

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