Meal Plan: 2/15/10

by Sami

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You’ll notice we’re starting this week on a vegetarian note. For years before I met my husband, I didn’t eat red meat. Well, that went out the window once I married this southern boy!

While I do eat the occasional hamburger and piece of roast now, I still think it’s important to rotate foods and keep some meals strictly vegetarian. I promise that if you try a few of these meals with your family, they won’t miss the meat!

Monday Mickey Waffles Popcorn & yogurt Basil Tomato Quiche &  cheese grits
Tuesday Cereal & yogurt Chicken & Cheese Roll ups Purple Pasta Eggplant Lasagna, green salad
Wednesday Fruit Oatmeal PB&J on a ricecake Black Beans over brown rice with breadsticks
Thursday Eggs & Grits Miso soup & rice Corned Beef & cabbage
Friday Cereal & yogurt Egg salad on crackers Buffalo Chicken Chimichangas
Saturday Fresh juice sandwiches Chili & Cornbread
Sunday Oatmeal with honey & raisins Tuna Melts Leftovers

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