Meal Plan: 2/22/10

by Sami

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This week is all about easy meals with easy recipes (plus some free food thanks to IHOP!)

The Lemon Chicken is the perfect example of learning a technique and tweaking it for your family. If you don’t like lemon, try it with orange. You could even vary the oil you use for the sauce. Whatever it is, make it your own!

Monday Eggs & Grits Turkey Sandwiches Lemon Chicken over spinach with rice
Tuesday Cereal & yogurt Salami & Cheese cracker stackers Free Pancake Day at IHOP!
Wednesday Oatmeal with honey & raisins Tuna Salad sandwiches Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas
Thursday Yogurt & Fresh Juice Croque Monsieur (Grilled Ham & Cheese) Scrambled Hamburgers, pickles & chips
Friday Cereal & yogurt Chicken Salad sandwiches Tuscan Bean Soup and Crusty Bread
Saturday Breakfast Sandwiches Leftover Chili Baked Mac & Cheese
Sunday French Toast & berries BBQ Chicken Quesadillas Leftovers

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