Monday’s Meal Plan: August 15

by Sami

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monday-meal-planIt’s Monday’s Meal Plan for August 15! (Well, technically it’s the 16, but I there’s not wifi access at football practice 😉

It’s come to my attention that not only aren’t all of you gluten free like me (which should not come as a surprise), but I’ve also been so focused on introducing new foods to our family that I’ve neglected to include some family favorites in our regular meal plan.

So not only will I be including some gluten free meals that we’re trying (that you can always modify for your own dietary desires), but I’ll also be rotating some our favorite family meals back into the mix.

Keep in mind, gluten free does not equal no carb. I always remember that I can eat anything derived from rice, corn or potato. But just because those things are gluten free does not mean they should make up the majority of my diet. As with any eating plan, there needs to be a solid mix of fresh fruits & vegetables along with good proteins (especially beans, nuts & legumes).

Our kids also started back to school this week, so I’m doing everything I can to make the lunches something that not only can the adults enjoy, but is also portable enough for a school lunch 😉

I’m also going to keep sharing some great dinners from e-Mealz.  While I cannot give you the recipes for the e-Mealz dishes , they have extended a very generous discount code for my readers to take advantage of through the end of this month.

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Monday Waffles with Peanut Butter & Syrup Ham & Cheese on Sandwich Thins Mexican Meatloaf with Black Refried Beans & Corn
Tuesday Cereal Egg Salad Lettuce Cups Honey Chicken with Rice
Wednesday Protein Fruit Smoothie Turkey & Cheese Roll Ups Parchiament Baked Tilapia with Roasted Veggies
Thursday Pancakes PB&J on Rice Cakes BBQ Chicken Sandwiches & Homemade Potato Chips
Friday Cereal Chicken Rice Soup Pita Pizzas
Saturday Eggs & Grits Green Salad Baked Potato Bar
Sunday Oatmeal with Cinnamon & Honey leftovers Taco Night


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