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Monday’s Meal Plan: June 7


Another Monday, another Meal Plan! If you didn’t read the big news earlier, my family and I are embarking on a big life change. We’re educating ourselves on how to become healthier in ALL aspects of our lives…including eating!

Therefore, I’ll still be posting my meal plans each week, but for the next two weeks, I’ll only be posting dinner since we’ll be drinking our Cinch shakes for breakfast and lunch. If you want some ideas for breakfast & lunch, check out my meal plan archives. You’ll also want to stay tuned for the video series I have coming up that will help you make a healthier pantry for a healthier you!

So here it is for this week. Let me know if you have any suggestions for healthy eating that have really worked for you.

Week of 6/6DINNER
MondayVeggie Frittata
TuesdayTuna Pita with green salad
WednesdayVegetable Stir Fry over Quinoa
FridayFamily Fun Night – Pizza
SaturdayRustic Meat & Bean pot