Monday’s Meal Plan: September 20

by Sami

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monday-meal-planIt’s Monday’s Meal Plan for September 20.

I really appreciate that so many of you are tuning in for these. If you have suggestions/modifications you’ve made that really work for your family….or even just a great recipe to share, I’d love to hear form you in the comments below. For those of you still trying to get healthy with us, keep drinking your Cinch shakes for breakfast and lunch (if you want) and add on the dinners below.

I really like sticking with themed days each week; helps me plan out my week a little better as well as make sure I’m rotating our food choices. Remember, you can always just use what you see below as inspiration if you’re not thrilled with our offerings or you can check out my meal plan archives. I hope you’ve also been following my video series on cleaning out the pantry for a healthier you!

Monday Greek Yogurt w/honey Chicken Salad Cobb Salad
Tuesday Cereal & fruit Ham & Cheese roll ups Taco Bar
Wednesday Berry Smoothies PB&J on rice cakes Pan Fried Sole
Thursday Cereal & fruit Turkey & Cheese lettuce wraps Spaghetti with Aglio & Olio (Garlic & olive oil!)
Friday Scrambled Eggs Pizza Chili
Saturday Waffles Egg Salad Honey Chicken & Rice
Sunday Breakfast Sandwiches Easy Pot Roast Family Fun Night – Pizza

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