Monthly Savings on Household Items: Talk of the Town Video August 30

by Sami

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Watch the Talk of the Town video from the August 30th show: Monthly Savings on Household Bills

Are you joining me after seeing my segment on Talk of the Town today?  Don’t worry if you missed any of the tips. I’ve got all the details for you right here!

Monthly Savings on Household Bills

Don’t let money slip out of your fingers every month! Here are some simple ways to save on your monthly home bills:

NES has a page on their website, dedicated to helping you save money: – If you own your own home and have had NES service for one year, you definitely want to take advantage of the FREE in home evaluation, but the web page also includes the following:
·         Free do-it-yourself energy audit and free conservation kit
·         In-Home Evaluation Program with incentives up to $500 for making energy efficiency upgrades
·         Free online PowerWise Bill Analyzer to calculate your energy usage and identify ways to save
·         Power Saver Calculators
·         Various rebates, incentives and low-interest financing
·         Helpful energy saving tips
·         “How-to save” videos on our YouTube channel

Home Communications:
*Look for ways to bundle the items below. Often times you can save a great deal if you stay with one company. At the same time, if you’re not, use that to leverage a better deal when you call customer service.

Aside from bundling, here are a few other ways to save in these specific home communication areas:
*Comcast just launched their “Internet Essentials” program:
Internet Essentials Provides Low-Cost Internet Service, Affordable Computers and Digital Literacy Training to Families with Children in the National School Lunch Program. Service Details:
Internet Essentials participants will receive:
·         Residential Internet service for $9.95 a month;
·         No price increases, no activation fees, or equipment rental fees;
·         A voucher to purchase a low-cost computer for $149.99 + tax;
·         Access to free digital literacy training in print, online or in person.

Additional benefits include a complementary Norton™ Security Suite ($160 value) for comprehensive online security protection. Families who qualify will be enrolled for 3 years! Even if you don’t qualify for this program, this is definitely something we need to spread the word about.

*If you find yourself needing internet both at home and on the go, considering turning your cell phone into a hot spot! Cell phone carriers, like Sprint, now sell smart phones that can also act as a mobile hot spot. We pay less than $30 a month and can connect up to 5 devices to the hot spot! Plus it has access to the same coverage area and 3G/4G network as the phone does!

We all love to watch tv, but cable can be so expensive! If you’re considering cancelling your cable altogether, know that you can still watch your favorite shows on free online stations like Also, all the major networks let you watch their shows through their website. Some tv’s now are even WiFi enabled, or you could hook up your computer to the tv if you want to watch on a bigger screen!

So many people are completely getting rid of their home phones altogether since you can now get free long distance on your cell phone. However, Magic Jack is another low-cost alternative if you just have to have a home phone and/or local phone number. This service costs less than $20 a YEAR and runs through your internet (so yes, you do need internet service for it to work!). The good news is that you can take your Magic Jack to ANY computer and your phone number will follow you.

-Keep your thermostat set on a constant temp without constantly adjusting it.
-Make sure vents/ducts are clean and clear from obstacles, especially dryer vents.

Watch my other Talk of the Town segments to find more great tips!

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