Must Have App for Selling a Home: Real Agent Guard

by Sami

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Learn more about the must-have app for selling a home: Real Agent Guard.


Buying a home, selling a home…MOVING: I can’t say any of them are a fun process (at least from my point of view). But as we’ve been considering moving in the near future, more than the hassle of the move, one word keeps coming to mind: SECURITY.

After all, the thought of having strangers prance in and out of my home while I’m away, frankly, freaks me out a bit. But what other choice do we have in the real estate market today?

I’ll tell you: Real Agent Guard.

Real Agent Guard

I recently stumbled upon Real Agent Guard through my affiliation with the Acorn Influence Network and had to learn more. After all, who wouldn’t want an inside look at what was going on inside their Open House without actually being at the Open House?

While the Real Agent Guard monitor wasn’t designed for homeowners specifically, it is in fact the ONLY security system built by security experts for real estate agents.

So what did I do? I called a real estate agent I know to see if she felt the need from her end of the spectrum as much as I felt from mine. Here’s what she had to say:

“I can’t emphasize the importance of safety and security enough right now, especially with the safety issues that real estate agents experience day in and day out. Safety and security is the utmost concern of everyone in the industry right now.”

While nothing is foolproof, I for one would feel much safer knowing my agent was utilizing this technology.

So what exactly is Real Agent Guard?

From a broker’s perspective, Real Agent Guard is the ONLY security system designed from the ground up for agencies – not just individual agents. Their solution makes it easy to provide agents with the most simple, powerful security apps that not only protect them in an emergency, but also deter crime.

From an agent’s perspective, they need a simple but powerful way to stay connected to their team. The Real Agent Guard app for Agents lets them login in seconds and provides simple tools for staying safe while showing properties. Photo upload, Panic buttons, real-time GPS in emergencies, and much more!

But like I said earlier, the heart of the matter is all about one thing: Deterrence

Here are just a few ways Real Agent Guard is enhancing real estate agents’ safety and security:

Open House Video Monitoring
Real Agent Guard has a family of mobile apps that help keep agents connected to their agency team while showing properties. It takes seconds to login and a countdown timer starts running. If the agent does not reset their timer before it hits 0, alerts go out to their agency team. Agents can quickly upload a photo, use a failsafe feature (if being forced to reset their timer or logout) and a panic button makes calling the police fast and simple.

Deter Crime BEFORE it Happens

As part of the Enterprise license, you will be able to easily add the Real Agent Guard logo or banner to any photos agents use in professional or social profiles. It just takes a few clicks to add the watermark. This works as a powerful deterrent, letting potential criminals know the agent has a security system. Agencies also have access to many logos and banners that can be used for print assets or anything else.

Using a laptop with a webcam, agents can quickly set up security for an open house event. It takes seconds to login and agents have a full-screen video monitor. Add a sign out front that lets clients know that video monitoring is in progress and you now have a simple, cost-effective way to deter theft and other crimes! Open House Video Monitoring is available to Enterprise users for $19.99/month no matter how large the agency.

Mobile Apps for Monitors

Real Agent Guard gives you two FREE apps so you can stay connected. The Monitor App is used by the agency team to get alerts and respond immediately in the event of an emergency. Depending upon the type of issue, you will get a push notification telling you what has happened.

Mobile Apps for Agents

The Real Agent Guard Agent App gives agents an easy way to arm their security system and optionally upload photos. Once logged in, a countdown timer begins. The agent simply needs to reset the timer before it hits zero. In the event of an emergency, the Agent App broadcasts geo locations in real time, so you can see exactly where they are.

real agent guard app iPad

I can hear you asking, “So how much does all this cost?” The Enterprise License for Real Agent Guard comes in around $1/Agent/Month. This includes free apps for Agents, the Agency staff, web-dashboards for monitoring and reporting, watermarking tools, image assets, and much more!

Why are their prices so low?

I love a great deal, but sometimes when a price is SO low, I wonder if it’s even worth the money I’m paying for it. However, Real Agent Guard Monitor is are able to keep their prices so low due to two primary drivers:

1. The Founders are Techies.

Founders Tim Brasuell and Justyn Hornor have been building high-tech companies for years. They built Real Agent Guard using state-of-the-art technologies that are affordable to manage. The vast majority of the technologies used to power Real Agent Guard were built with sweat equity – meaning those costs were absorbed, keeping your prices low.

2. Major Funding.

Real Agent Guard was recently backed by Xcelerate Capital with major funding of $250,000. Real Agent Guard has been pouring these resources into building the most sophisticated set of security tools on the planet. As a result of this funding, we did not have to increase prices to our clients to afford the staff to continue to upgrade our capabilities.

Here’s how the App works:

  • Red – agents, Blue – friends and family, Green – enterprise.
  • If the agent fails to login after a small amount of time, it alerts someone who calls them to check in.
  • If something does go wrong, they can forward all info to the police

So whether you’re getting ready to sell your home, are a real estate agent yourself or simply know someone who is, check out Real Agent Guard today. When it comes to your home, family and security, there’s a lot on the line, and an app like Real Agent Guard provides that extra piece of mind.

To learn more, connect with Real Agent Guard on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus.

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